Vaxeal is developing game-changing treatments to meet future healthcare challenges.

About Vaxeal

Founded in 2009, Vaxeal, in partnership with leading international research institutes, strives to promote quality of life for cancer patients by developing advanced cancer immunotherapies. Vaxeal’s unique and innovative scientific research and its improved understanding of immunological mechanisms (based on 20 years of exclusive research) are at the heart of Vaxeal’s mission to deliver cutting-edge immunotherapies.

Vaxeal’s cancer immunotherapy portfolio is the result of 20 years of research and is unique in the biopharmaceutical sector. It is protected by numerous patents and is at the heart of Vaxeal’s anti-cancer immunotherapy platforms.

Our unique and innovative scientific research, and our improved understanding of immunilogical mechanisms are at the heart of vaxeal’s mission to deliver cutting-edge therapies.


Vaxeal focuses on developing advanced cancer immunotherapies to meet the growing need for improved anti-cancer treatments.

Vaxeal’s core expertise in immunotherapy design, antigen formulation, delivery systems and immuno-modulatory drugs has allowed the management team to develop an optimal and innovative combined strategy of cancer immunotherapies enabling to overcome both safety and efficacy issues of current cancer immunotherapy approaches.