Vaxeal focuses on developing advanced cancer immunotherapies to meet the growing need for improved anti-cancer treatments.

Vaxeal’s LSP-based immunotherapies can induce robust T-cell responses in the broad majority of patients while overcoming the limitations arising from conventional cancer vaccines, as well as some tumor immune escape mechanisms. They address a large spectrum of cancer patients as they target broadly expressed tumour antigens, which cover almost all solid tumors.

The company’s strategy also overcomes tumor-induced immunosuppressive mechanisms developing in some tumour micro-environments that can greatly limit the therapeutic efficacy of other immunotherapeutic cancer vaccines. This is achieved through synergistic fixed combinations with existing immunomodulatory drugs known to limit such tumor-mediated mechanisms.

Vaxeal’s core expertise in vaccine design, antigen formulation, delivery systems and immuno-modulatory drugs has allowed the management team to identify the optimal and innovative combined strategy for the design of fixed combined immunotherapies, overcoming the limitations of current cancer immunotherapy-based approaches.


To design of Long Synthetic Peptides (LSP) containing several immunogenic peptides sequences, called T-cell epitopes, derived from relevant target protein.


To optimize immunotherapy formulation with potent immuno-adjuvant, delivery systems to improve the polarization and longevity of the vaccine-induced T-cell responses.


To use a synergistic combination with immunomodulatory drugs to limit tumor-mediated immuno-suppressive mechanisms.

Vaxeal’s innovative therapeutic strategy for cancer