Dr Corinne Tanchot

PhD, Immunology Advisor

Dr Corinne Tanchot

Corinne Tanchot has a recognized experience in immunology and in particular in the study of immune responses in reliable animal models. She is a research associate in the team of Pr Eric Tartour, in the PARCC research center of HEGP. During her career, she focused on the mechanisms ensuring efficient memory T cell generation. Her pioneer work defined the parameters that are strictly required to generate memory T cells and notably the crucial role of CD4 help for the generation of such efficient memory T cell. Since 2010, she is focusing her studies on the analysis of T cell response during tumor growth and the potential impairment of CD4 T cell response in tumoral context. She also works to develop murine models allowing to precisely evaluating anti-tumoral T cell response following immunotherapies or vaccination strategies


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